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Celebrating a Year of Arogyam Show and Announcing a Break ListenDescriptionShare
Guest: Acharya Shunya Pratichi Mathur
Original air date : March 7, 2014

In this show, host Arvind Kansal and Acharya Shunya Pratichi Mathur, founder of Vedika Global, celebrate a year of Arogyam radio shows, and announce a break for this show.

Shunya ji feels a sense of satisfaction after accomplishing her 'sankalpa' (vow/promise) of public service, of educating people, especially Indians, about their priceless heritage of Ayurveda.

The 54 well-researched radio shows completed to date cover a wide variety of topics that are very useful in our daily lives. All of them have been archived at Along with audio files, the archive also includes a summary description of each show (courtesy of Vijay Gupta).

(Starting after 7 min.) Youtube has a large number of videos presented by Shunya ji and Vedika Global faculty members. They cover a variety of useful topics in depth. Subscribe to the Vedika Global channel on youtube for convenient access to all these videos.

Although there will be a break in the radio show, all other activities of Vedika Global will continue as before. Going forward, the monthly Sangha program will also be live streamed. The low-cost and free Vedika clinics will continue. Moreover, special clinics for common ailments, such as diabetes and skin problems, will be added.

A free clinic is now available at ICC in Milpitas. See <>. It is run by Geetanjali Chakraborty, a top student of Shunya ji. Please listen to the radio show of 1/31/14 for more details about this clinic.

Vedika also offers inexpensive self-care classes for working adults (in the evenings and on weekends).

(Starting at 15 min.) Spring allergy tips: Kapha dosha increases in the spring season. Therefore, don't start taking ice cream, smoothies, etc. Take honey, preferably one-year old. Also, eat less rice and more of ragi, millet, jowar, barley, etc. Avoid sweets and yogurt. Take green mung, black pepper, ginger, garlic, etc. to reduce phlegm. Walk daily, and don't sleep during the day.

(Starting at 19 min.) Ayurveda is holistic knowledge. It is not a reductionist approach to health where a disease is putatively caused by a single factor (one germ, one pollen, etc.). In fact, both health and disease are multidimensional.

Sage Charaka said: If you are sick, you must closely examine your diet and lifestyle, and learn about your health/disease. Donate labor, service, money. Do 'tapas' (practice austerities). Speak truth, forgive people, and do 'satsang' with learned people. Disease(s) will go away through the physical and psychosomatic effects of such practices.

Arvind ji and Shunya ji thank their spouses, the Vedika Global team, and Michael ji, Praveen ji and Neeraj ji of Radio Zindagi.

Shunya ji concludes by saying that Ayurveda is authentic and eternal knowledge. Use this invaluable gift of ancient Vedic sages to stay healthy.



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