Certificate in Fundamentals and Living Wisdom of Ayurveda

This comprehensive certificate course will introduce students to the ancient healing tradition of Ayurveda. Furthermore, it offers a living immersion in the spiritual, intellectual, and physical facets of Ayurveda's healing wisdom in the Gurukula tradition, the hallmark of Vedika's signature education. This course is greatly valuable for enhanced personal health, happiness and empowerment of the student. Students are introduced to the fundamental healing principles of Ayurveda academically as well as through living practices with great attention to detail and personalization of the knowledge. In other words, academic and experiential learning are integrated at every step. For example, students not only learn about the benefit of foods, but actually cook and enjoy seasonally appropriate Ayurvedic meals in class together with the teacher and fellow students year round. The knowledge of transformative holistic concepts such as Doshas, Agni, Ahara (food), Vihara (lifestyle), Rtus (seasonal considerations) and Ayurveda Spirituality supports the activation of self-healing in the students' mind, body and soul. This course empowers graduates to become self healers and knowledgeable ambassadors of Ayurveda in their families and respective communities.

This one year of informed Ayurvedic living is an invaluable prelude to a future professional practice of Ayurveda and is a preparatory level for all future study at Vedika. Upon completion of this course, students will become well grounded in the theoretical–conceptual and experiential foundations of Ayurveda, and develop a thorough understanding of its science, philosophy and one-of-a-kind spirituality that can transform body, mind and consciousness.

Special features of Vedika Gurukula's One Year Course

  • Explanation of 'what is Ayurveda?' and brief outline of Ayurveda history from ancient days to present times
  • Ayurveda’s definition, scope and unique philosophy that supports balance and how to stay in harmony with nature for health
  • Introduction to ancient principles that activate self healing and maintain health
  • Preventive health as per Ayurveda - Learn to create a healthy daily lifestyle, seasonal lifestyle, self care practices, home made recipes for daily hygiene (body scrub, hair oil, tooth powder, etc)
  • Ethics and moral health - behavioral prescriptions for healthy living as per science of Ayurveda
  • In-depth knowledge of Doshas (focus), Dhatus (tissues), Agni (digestive force), Mala (waste products)
  • How to prevent toxicity and how to remove toxins (Ama)
  • How to boost our natural immunity (Ojas)
  • Food Groups- Ahara Gana - understand different food groups and their impact on health in detail (Ex: different dairy products, various grains, etc)
  • Introduction to Ayurveda Psychology - Learn potent methods to heal the mind of negativities and other new mental health strategies
  • Rules of dietics– Ahar Vijnana
  • Cooking demonstrations – Paak Vidya
  • Sanskrit language Level 1 Instruction
  • Yoga and Pranayama instruction based upon deep teachings from Vedika's ancient lineage
  • Vedanta spirituality instruction from Vedika's Head teacher Acharya Shunya
    Healing circles and group shares
  • Cook and share Ayurvedic meals in class (included in cost)
  • Learn to chant Mantras correctly and chant daily in class
  • Reflective written assignments and oral class presentations to build confidence in student and assist deeper contemplation and internalization of knowledge
  • Participate in Vedic festivals that assist in healing the subtle senses, body, and mind through traditional practices
  • Non competitive, supportive and values based mindful community of students encourages self healing and well being
  • Under the teachers guidance, perform prayers, chants, and hymns, as well as learn from the earliest sacred writings of India in the tradition of Ayurveda,
  • Yoga and Vedanta
  • Finally, and most importantly, Vedika Gurukula's core culture of Sadhana (spiritualized studentship), Satsangah (spiritualized oral learning from teacher) and Seva (selfless service to teacher and education), features of any traditional Gurukula, assist in purifying the mind/ ego of the student, and support evolution of consciousness

Admissions is Closed for 2015

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