Two Year Ayurveda Health Counselor Course

Vaidya Ratna: Become a Vedika Global Certified Ayurveda Health Counselor (A.H.C)

Ayurveda is the world’s first and perhaps only medical science that has developed an unprecedented and profound heritage of preventive health care under the subfield Swasthavritta (self-care and disease prevention). This includes early diagnosis of disease, discovery and identification of people at risk for health problems, and counseling as well as many other interventions using Ayurveda protocols.

Vedika’s pioneering Two Year Ayurveda Health Counselor Course teaches hands-on skills to prevent disease and optimize health the natural way. The AHC course encompasses the realities of health dilemmas society currently faces and interfaces successfully with other systems of medicine. The teachings from this course can be applied to the chronic and preventable conditions in the arena of public health including obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, asthma, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. In this exhaustive training module, every attempt is made to cover the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of preventing disease and reclaiming health. Healthy lifestyles (including behavior, exercise and diet), healthy aging, mental health, spirituality, and the social-ethical environment are a major focus.

Over the two years, students are steeped in Swasthavritta practices applying the concepts first on themselves and then learning the skills to assess and counsel others, all under the teacher’s watchful guidance. This program is excellent for candidates who wish to give back to society by developing and implementing strategies to improve our society’s collective disease-causing habits, foods, attitudes and behaviors.

Two Year Ayurveda Health Counselor Course At A Glance

Theoretical, practical, and oral knowledge of Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta is imparted from classical sources to teach the student how to meet modern health needs on the individual level as well as the public health arena. Graduates will help facilitate a true reform in health that requires an increased emphasis on prevention.

Course Curriculum covers the following topics:

  • Vikriti Vijnana fundamentals
  • Kaya Chikitsa fundamentals
  • Ayurveda Psychology Level II
  • Preventive health principles and practices for public health - Swasthavritta Level II
  • Ethics and Moral health principles – Sadavritta Level II
  • Digestive health protocols
  • Eliminative health protocols
  • Respiratory health protocols
  • Sleep and Stress management protocols
  • Skin health and beauty protocols
  • Joint health protocols
  • Mental health protocols
  • Cooking demonstrations – Paak Vidya
  • Yoga, Pranayama instruction
  • Yoga Darshan and Vedanta instruction
  • Lineage based teachings
  • Classes on counseling
  • Clinical training
  • Advanced Clinical Training  - assisted interaction


Application and Registration Deadline for Academic year 2014 is: January 5th, 2014 at 5pm
Applications received after January 5th will not be considered

Admission open to select candidates who have successfully completed Vedika Global's one year Ayurveda Community Educator course.

Entry Requirements:

Certificate of Vedika Global’s A.C.E. Course. High School diploma or University degree required. Copy of photo ID required.

Dates and Times:

January 14, 2014 - November 22, 2014
Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:00-9:00pm.

New Student Orientation: Tuesday, January 7th, 6-9pm - dinner included

First Day of Academic Year: Tuesday, January 14th. All students will be welcomed during the Annual Makar Sankranti Festival celebrating the beginning of the academic year. The entire school will be invited to collectively perform a Vedic ritual for an auspicious start to self healing education. Please arrive no later than 6pm

Weekend Intensives : one Saturday/Sunday per month, 9am-5pm

All School Retreat: Saturday, February 22, 9am-5pm - lunch included

End of Year All School Retreat: Saturday, Nov 22, 9am-5pm – lunch included


Assessment consists of class participation, presentations, reports, group projects, written assignments, and tests.


Participants will be required to complete all modules with a minimum of 85% attendance.


$7,500 with registration on or prior to December 15, 2013
$7,650 with registration after December 15, 2013
(cost includes full tuition, retreats and all meals served on class days)
$500 Deposit required upon registration.

Payment plan available - please contact for more information.

Contact our Admissions Team at


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