A Distinguished International Faculty

Dr Rahguram Dr. Raghuram
- Yoga Darshan -

After completing Bachelor of Engineering from Regional Engineering College Bhopal, in 1970, Dr. Raghuram worked as engineer in various departments until 1998 when he resigned his job to devote more time in the service of yoga and Indian philosophy.

His interest in spiritual learning in general and in the philosophy of yoga and allied subjects started during his teen age. He had on several occasions met several spiritual masters and sought guidance. Swami Prabhuddhananda of Moradabad and Prof Satyanarayana Sastry Bangalore are two teachers who had very great influence on his spiritual knowledge and growth. In his sadhana days he has travelled extensively through out the country. In 1978 he took training in Kanyakumari and started his association with Vivekananda kendra and since 1980, he is associated with Vivekananda Kendra Yoga Anusandhana Samsthan, (Yoga Research Foundation VKYOGAS). He has also been instrumental in training Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma. Mr. Raghuram has been associated with (VKYOGAS) presently known as sVYASA as International coordinator since 1989. In this connection he travels to over thirty countries in Europe, USA and in South East Asia to conduct yoga courses.

Shri Raghuram conducted research projects in Middleborough general hospital UK, Northern Colorado Allergy and asthma center, Fort Collins and in Colorado state university in Colorado. Research papers have been published in international medical journals on these research projects. In addition he also started yoga therapy works in Stift Rottal neurological clinic in Germany and Memorial heart hospital in Istanbul Turkey. He on behalf of VYASA signed MOU with several universities in US and Germany and Turkey. He travelled giving yoga and Hindu philosophy workshops and talks over last fifteen years.

He conducted more than one thousand yoga based Stress reduction programs all over the world, more than two hundred yoga training programs and yoga therapy programs and meditation workshops and retreats! In addition he also organized two global conferences in USA on yoga research and application.

He was a member in the delegation for a UN conference in Uruguay in 2000 on education and was a delegate of Indian contingent representing in WHO at Geneva Switzerland, under the leadership of health minister in 2005. Raghuram received the title of “yogashree” in the year 2007.

Very good in yoga based counseling for various spiritual, psychological and family problems especially in youth, Raghuram has helped hundreds of individuals in these areas by yogic counseling.

Mr. N.V.Raghuram’s wife, Dr R.Nagarathna, is the chief medical director for the Yoga therapy and research center. His Son Amrut is gifted with a unique sense of closeness with wild animals. He is currently doing his PhD Program in Yogic Sciences at VYASA.

His thoughts on various topics of philosophy can be seen on his web site . He is a advisor to several voluntary organizations in India and abroad such as ‘Disha’ in Bangalore, Youth for Seva India, and in USA and in Turkey.

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