A Distinguished International Faculty

PH KulkraniVedika Shikshaka
Vaidya. P H Kulkrani

Vaidya P. H. Kulkarni embodies a lifetime of dedication to the principles and applications of Ayurveda, through scholarship and practice, teaching and healing, promotion and research, and an untiring spirit of service.

For four generations, Dr. Kulkarni's family has been devoted to Ayurveda. The mission they began through offering traditional ayurvedic treatments, medicines and education on the banks of the Krishna River in Sangli, southern Maharashtra, has now reached every continent of the world. To a large measure, this is due to the tireless dedication of Dr. P.H. Kulkarni, who has been a beloved teacher, mentor and inspiration to many of today's leading Ayurveda teachers, researchers and practitioners around the world.

Dr. Kulkarni received his Ayurveda Acharya and Ayurveda Varidhi (B.A.M.S. and PhD.) from the University of Pune, where he became a professor of Ayurveda for over 30 years.  Later he became the Dean of the Faculty of Ayurvedic Medicine, and a much sought out research guide for those pursuing Ayurveda Vachaspati (Masters) and Ayurveda Varidhi (PhD.). 

Since 1961, Dr. Kulkarni has been an Ayurvedic Consultant, and his clinic has run continuously for over 45 years. He has expressed this wealth of knowledge and experience in over 125 books and CDs on Ayurveda, and over 150 published research papers. He is also the Chief Editor of Deerghayu International, a research based journal of Ayurveda and alternate health systems which he founded in 1984.

Dr. Kulkarni has worked tirelessly to ensure all Ayurveda practitioners and students under his umbrella achieve a high standard of practice and a thorough understanding of this profound science.  The scope of his impact on the field of Ayurveda is reflected in the many senior posts he has held. He has provided dynamic leadership as President of the Ayurveda Rasashala Research Institute, Pune (1988-2002), the Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal (1990-2002), Tilak Ayurveda College (1994-2002), the Indian National Integrated Medical Association, the European Ayurveda Academy, Janata Arogya Mandal, Ayurveda Open University, and the International Ayurveda Association, and a Founder Director of the Ayurveda Academy and Institute of Indian Medicine.

Dr. Kulkarni is a highly regarded international teacher and practitioner of Ayurveda. He has been instrumental in founding Ayurveda centers in every continent. For example, he is Research Guide for the Australian Ayurvedic Practitioners Association and helped found the first school of Ayurveda in Australia in 1986. He has taught extensively throughout Europe and helped, for example, to found the Italian Ayurveda Professionals Association.

Dr. Kulkarni is now particularly occupied with guiding and inspiring research in Ayurveda. He has been the guide for more than 200 Ayurveda research projects. A deeply spiritual person, he has also published a book of devotional poetry on Lord Krishna.

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