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Vaidya Drd. Manoranjan Sahu

Vaidya Dr. Manoranjan Sahu, M.D.(Ay.), PhD, is a widely recognized expert in Shalya Tantra, the Ayurvedic system of surgery. He is a professor at the prestigious Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi, India, and has been honored by the Central Government of India's Dept. of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy) for his contributions in the field of Ayurveda.

Vaidya Sahu is a leading authority in the field of Ksharasutra therapy, the treatment of ano-rectal diseases. He is the Coordinator of the National Resource Centre for Ksharasutra at Banaras Hindu University, which he was instrumental in establishing under the Dept. of AYUSH. He has created the authoritative teaching model and treatment manual for Ksharasutra Therapy, which has been published by the Dept. of AYUSH.
A graduate of Benaras Hindu University's Ayurveda division, Vaidya Sahu has been teaching at this leading institute and earlier at the Institute of Medicine in Kathmandu, Nepal, for the past 27 years, and has mentored a number of PhD graduates and other research students during this time. Vaidya Sahu often speaks at international conferences and seminars in India and South-East Asia.

Vaidya Sahu's publications include, “Cancer and Its Management in Ayurveda” and chapters on The Scientific Basis in Ayurveda Therapies in Cancer, and Anatomy and Surgical Procedures in Ayurveda for international publications. In addition, he has published numerous journal articles.

Vaidya Sahu has been deeply engaged with research projects on the effect of Ayurvedic herbs and approach in his core areas of expertise: ano-rectal diseases, urinary tract diseases, wound treatment, and cancer management. He is the professor in charge of the ayurveda Wing of Banaras Hindu University's SS Hospital, and a member of many leading Ayurveda organizations in India.

Vaidya Sahu is a core member of the Dept. of AYUSH and its auxiliary, the Central Council of Indian Medicine for curriculum development in Ayurveda education at all levels. He is a dedicated and highly accomplished educator, research guide and mentor.

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