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Vaidya. Sri. RanadeVedika Adhyapaka
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Vaidya. Sri. Ranade

Dr. Subhash Ranade is Chairman of the International Academy of Ayurveda in Pune. He is a dynamic and highly respected international leader in Ayurveda education, research, publication and practice for the past 30 years. His teaching, collaborations, publications and travels reach from Pune to the Amazon to Israel, from Russia to New Zealand to Italy. Everywhere he is deeply appreciated for vast knowledge, his radiant embodiment of living Ayurvedic principles, and for his energetic encouragement of all those who seek to study, research, teach and practice this sacred science.

Vaidya Ranade was profoundly inspired by an Ayurvedic practitioner in the Pune neighborhood in which he grew up. So despite getting admission into a competitive medical college, he chose to go against the tide and dedicate himself to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. An outstanding student, he achieved Ayurveda Acharya and Ayurveda Varidhi (B.A.M.S. and PhD.) with honors. Dr. Ranade went on to become Professor and Head of the Department of Ayurveda at Pune University for 20 years, then Principle of the Ashtang Ayurveda College in Pune. Since 1981, Dr. Ranade and his wife Dr. Sunanda Ranade, also a Vaidya, have been traveling worldwide as ambassadors of Ayurveda.

Vaidya Ranade is a visiting professor at various institutes of health and Ayurveda worldwide and along with his wife Vaidya Sunanda, has conducted hundred of Ayurveda courses in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, and the United States. Some of their students have gone on to open Ayurveda schools and clinics. In 1996, they founded the International Academy of Ayurveda in Pune, which now has satellites in many other countries and has trained over 400 students. They have made a profound impact on the field of Ayurveda internationally.

Vaidya Ranade has written over 120 books on different facets of Ayurveda which have been published in English, Marathi, Hindi, Malayalam, Italian, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. His books are studied and quoted worldwide. Vaidya Ranade has given many television and radio interviews on Ayurveda, and spoken at numerous international seminars on Ayurveda and Yoga. He has written hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles on Ayurveda, and is on the editorial board of several Ayurvedic journals. His pioneering work in creating CD-ROMS like Dhanvantari and Ayurvedic Massage and Marma Therapy have been whole-heartedly welcomed in the Ayurvedic community.

Vaidya Ranade has been taking great interest in research on Ayurvedic herbs found in the Amazon jungle, and visits South America every year. He is very excited at the discovery that herbs described in the ancient Indian texts of Ayurveda have been discovered growing in the Amazon region, and are now being documented and potentially cultivated further there.

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