Vedika Gurukula is a tradition based school of Ayurveda offering comprehensive practitioner training programs, successfully integrating the science with the spirituality of Ayurveda. The school offers a unique experiential education process by teaching and encouraging lived practices and humanitarian values. It nurtures successful healing skills for the present times through a personalized teaching method, dedication to classical texts, re-incorporation of the timeless oral tradition of Ayurveda, and integrating of Ayurveda with the allied sciences of Yoga and Vedanta.

Pratichi teaching   Gurukula students with candles   Gurukula class   Sanjai cooking class
ganesha   teacher   student and teacher playing drums   buffet
students smelling spice   Pratichi and students cooking   lecture   Gurukula teachers
student ask question to teacher   candles   student's closeup   Sanjai Cooking


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