A True Student is a Future Caretaker of Great Knowledge Traditions

My Guru Baba once said, “it is one thing to receive knowledge from a teacher to simply benefit personally from the wisdom. It is another thing to become a teacher and preserver of knowledge, because the trustee-teacher does not have the karmic luxury of merely being a consumer of the knowledge alone, for personal benefit. They are also caretakers of a one-of-a kind wisdom tradition, and this demands a whole new set of expectations and obligations.”


I learned from Baba that a true student has the responsibly to grow into a becoming a conscientious guardian of the knowledge. They must necessarily preserve, teach and embody the original wisdom, in all its depth, without shortcuts or worldly distractions.

And most importantly, before discarding the mortal body, the sacred knowledge (orally received from one’s teacher, and hitherto stored in the bosom of one's heart as an inner blessing and guidance) has to be carefully transmitted systematically to a new generation of sincere seekers with great discrimination. 

As these sincere seekers are going be the bearers of a great knowledge tradition, verily, the teachers and guardians of tomorrow.  


Thus, an educational lineage, which consists of a succession of teachers and students, known as Guru - Shishya Parampara, is the optimum way to guarantee the survival of what is truly venerable, subtle and powerful, in a mainly oral, sacred and timeless knowledge tradition. This is how the Veda and its sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta were passed on exactly in India, for thousands of years before the present time. 


Did you know that modern colleges of Ayurveda, Yoga, etc. are a relatively recent phenomenon of only the last 60-100 years?


In India, thankfully, this unbroken chain continued since “the beginning of time,” but the exact historical origins are unknown. And the traditional “seminary like” school that ensures this beautiful education process and association between master and disciple, in an atmosphere of trust, dedication and compassion, is known as a “Gurukulam”. In fact, this term literally means, the teacher’s learning family.

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