A Letter from

Janya Tuere Anderson

Director of Strategy and Development

“Health is your birthright, and Ayurveda, the ancient Indian art and science of self-healing, leads us back to it,”  says Vedika Global’s founder, Acharya Shunya. 

What sets Acharya Shunya’s approach to teaching Ayurveda apart is how it emphasizes the power you have to not simply overcome or prevent disease, but to actually activate, reclaim and awaken your innate health. 

In 2018, Vedika Global will launch Acharya Shunya’s Awakening Health Center (AHC), a non-sectarian and non-partisan community-based wellness center that will focus on providing lifestyle education to live in harmony with natural rhythms.  It is a participatory health care model for the 21st century that is driven by health partnerships between the client and practitioner.  Vedika Global has always offered low-cost Ayurvedic care.  The Awakening Health Center is a model able to globally scale Ayurveda’s core lifestyle wisdom, as taught by Acharya Shunya. 


As the Director of Strategy and Development, I am excited and honored to usher in this unique Ayurvedic health platform to communities.  I have been working in community-based health care for over 20 years and believe that the support offered by the Awakening Health Center is a much-needed service for building healthy communities.  Acharya Shunya’s Awakening Health Center is a unique offering for the 21st century: one that is focused on learning how to awaken innate health and not simply responding to health crises. It is not an Ayurveda bandage, but rather a participatory endeavor where individuals are empowered to take health into their own hands.  I welcome you to join me, and the other dedicated AHC volunteers, on this journey of awakening health.

The Mission Statement of the AHC


Acharya Shunya’s Awakening Health Center is a customized holistic pathway that allows people to participate in awakening their innate health through the application of Ayurveda in modern times.


The Awakening Health Center uniquely addresses individual well-being, from a person’s current state of life and health, to awakening their health, in order to ripple into an expanding wave of social health.  This is predicated on the belief that when a society has citizens with mind, body and soul health, the entire society is empowered. 

In the Awakening Health Center, future clients will have the opportunity to receive a foundation to actively choose health with simple healing foods, spices, and inspired daily lifestyle practices to follow to align themselves with nature’s divine rhythms.  We will collaborate with clients’ existing health practitioners to provider comprehensive support to clients.  Additionally, we are developing a team of integrated medical practitioners that we can refer clients to for medical care.  The Awakening Health Center does not treat illness or disease: it is a re-education that reminds clients that true health is within them and provides the keys to unlock that innate wellness.

Acharya Shunya’s Awakening Health Center is currently in development and won’t be accepting clients until 2018.  If you are interested in being considered for a slot in our clinic and staying up to date with the clinic development, please sign up here. 

The Awakening Health Center has a dedicated team of volunteers to bring this transformative model to fruition.  We are currently in need of the following support:

  • Pro bono 501c3 attorney in California

  • Pro bono financial strategist to support our high level donor/investor strategy development

  • Pro bono realtor to support sourcing potential sites for the Center in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Financial contributions to build operating reserves for the Awakening Health Center.  Donate Now  »

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