Awakening Health


Ayurveda awakens us to our own natural wholeness and teaches us ways to reclaim health from inside us. Ayurvedic principles remind us that we are self-healing beings and that we can maintain—or regain—good health by choosing healing foods, a balanced lifestyle, including adopting daily and seasonal rituals, and inner calm.

Continuing a Living Tradition


Vedika’s awakened classroom culture was pioneered ten years ago by Vedika’s founder Acharya Shunya, an ordained lineage holder from India.

Acharya’s students, graduates from various programs who have been mentored over several years by the Acharya herself to ensure continuity of the awakened culture, are now taking Ayurveda forward alongside the Acharya.

Health is not just a probability that you might achieve. It is a reality, an underlying natural state of being. Health will manifest once you begin to live in alignment with nature’s intelligence. This is the promise of Ayurveda at Vedika Global.

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Vedika Global®, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) spiritual and socially-responsible humanitarian organization founded in 2007 by Acharya Shunya.


Vedika Global is dedicated to igniting a worldwide community of spiritually-empowered, health conscious and awakened beings with non-dual Vedic wisdom.


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