Ayurveda Spring Detox Diet, Lifestyle and Yogic Cleanse

Digestion is the root of health in Ayurveda. One of this science’s fundamental principles is that of the macrocosm (the outer world) and the microcosm (our individual mind/body) being closely related. Just as the weather changes in nature, our body, too, undergoes internal changes from season to season. Ayurveda sages observed these changes in nature and discovered principles to help us live in harmony with seasonal changes. One of their discoveries was that our digestive capacity is the best in the winter season, and it decreases as the heat outside increases.


It is therefore highly recommended to detoxify your entire system in the spring season. Spring is a time when a lot of people suffer from allergies. We are often led to believe that allergies are something that happens to us due to the pollen or fresh-cut grass or the blooming flowers outside that irritate our noses and make us feel so uncomfortable. Because digestion is the root of health in Ayurveda, however, ‘allergies’ are understood as being a manifestation of weak digestive capacity - not as something with external origins.


Indeed, in Ayurveda, we learn that we are deeply interconnected with the natural world around us. And the good news is that learning ancient methods to live in harmony with nature is the best way to not only counteract, but actually prevent seasonal afflictions like allergies and build your health throughout the year. 

In this special spring workshop, you will be led through a tried and tested detox protocol created by Vedika’s founder and Acharya Shunya, who has shared this effective cleanse in her book, Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom. (which you will receive as part of your workshop enrollment).


You will learn this detox from Vedika Associate Faculty member and Ayurveda Studies Program Director, Shaaranya Geetanjali Chakraborty. Shaaranya has studied Ayurveda directly with Acharya Shunya, and will guide you through how to do this detox so you can say goodbye to allergies and welcome a healthy, toxin-free system this spring.

You will walk away from this workshop able to:

  • Start your own spring detox protocol

  • Make detox recipes that will heal your digestion and allergies

  • Understand the connection between digestion and allergies

  • Apply the fundamentals of Ayurvedic digestion concepts

  • Find relief from allergies you may be currently experiencing

  • Prevent future allergy occurrences

  • Practice special detoxifying breathing exercises


Date: Saturday, April 15, 2017

Time: 10:00am to 3:00pm 

Cost: Register before March 20th - $108,

After March 20th - $128

This workshop includes:


  • A copy of Vedika founder Acharya Shunya’s book Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom

  • A delicious, freshly cooked Ayurvedic detox lunch

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone wanting to cleanse your system with a healthy, time-tested detox option

  • Anyone who struggles with allergies during the spring season

  • Anyone who gets frequent allergies or colds

Shaaranya Geetanjali Chakraborty

is a Vedika Certified Ayurveda Clinical Specialist, Chief Ayurveda Consultant at the India Community Center (ICC) and Program Director for Ayurveda Studies at Vedika. She has taught Ayurveda at Stanford University’s Health Improvement Program, and the Health Technology Forum. She previously worked as a Research Associate at Georgetown and Stanford Universities and has a masters in biochemistry from Georgetown University. Shaaranya believes the human body is a living lab and that Ayurveda teaches us to develop awareness of our actions at a subtler level, and verify its science by living it. She feels inspired to teach Ayurveda as a way to pay forward the gift of knowledge she has received from Vedika. 

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