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What People Are Saying

 “Acharya Shunya is one of the extraordinary teachers of the living, embodied wisdom of Ayurveda. She transmits it through the roots of her family lineage as well as throughout Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom. She is a model of how to access the healing power of nature within.”

- Shiva Rea, author of Tending the Heart Fire

“Acharya Shunya has gifted all of us with her story of learning Vedic wisdom from her grandfather, Baba, as a very young girl. Baba’s timeless wisdom is woven throughout Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom as Shunya teaches us all the pearls of Ayurveda, Baba through Acharya, and now to us."


-  John Douillard, author of Eat Wheat; Body, Mind, and Sport; and The 3-Season Diet

“Shunya offers us a path that integrates body with mind and spirit, showing us the secrets of Ayurvedic daily practice, self-care, and much more. This is a book to cherish, consult often, and use throughout your life.”


-  Sally Kempton, author of Awakening Shakti and Meditation for the Love of It

“Acharya Shunya shares with us a prescription to optimize our health in a clear and straightforward fashion, giving each of us the power to change our lives.”


-  James R. Doty, MD, clinical professor of neurosurgery and director at the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, Stanford University School of Medicine

“Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom is a valuable companion for those wishing to understand and apply holistic concepts of health and healing to real-life challenges. You will find many pearls of wisdom that will inspire you to a mindful and positive lifestyle.”


-  Suhas Kshirsagar, BAMS MD (Ayurveda), and author of The Hot Belly Diet

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Meet the Author


Raised in a distinguished lineage of Vedic mystics and healers, Vedika founder and author Acharya Shunya learned the ancient art of Ayurveda over a 14-year apprenticeship under her grandfather, Baba Ayodhyanath, a widely respected healer and teacher from Ayodhya, India. Acharya Shunya founded Vedika Global in 2007 as a way to carry forward her family’s rich lineage tradition of teaching Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta. She also serves as President of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine (CAAM). She has been honored for her achievements by California Institute of Integral Studies, Spirituality & Health Magazine, the Association of Ayurveda Professionals of North America (AAPNA) and more. Acharya Shunya is a sought-after speaker, delivering keynote addresses to audiences including the World Ayurveda Congress, National Ayurvedic Medical Association, University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University. You can read more about her background here.


Acharya Shunya feels deeply indebted to her grandfather, Baba Ayodhyanath, for imprinting her soul with a spiritual seed of relentless conviction in the self-healing and self-repairing mechanisms of the living body. Her entire life and message as a spiritual teacher revolve around this power, which is inherently spiritual.

In Acharya Shunya’s Own Words

Interestingly, the body I was born with into this great lineage and its inbuilt opportunity to ascend spiritually, came with inbuilt obstacles to a life of purpose and spiritual quest. My body had hidden triggers to get auto-inflamed. Modern physicians call it an incurable and progressive autoimmune genetic condition, which puts people in wheelchairs, and quickly. There were days, even when I was very young, when I could not even move my fingers, without significant pain. 


Once, when I was 14, the inflammation suddenly increased beyond description. I was in severe physical and emotional distress.


My Baba laughed cheerfully and said to me, “Why not plan on flying?”


I looked at him, shocked. Baba explained gently, but directly to my soul: 

“Shunya, it is time for you to evoke your inner healer instead of looking to me to fix you each time. You are now old enough to internalize a way of living, thinking and relating with people and the world, so that your body will no longer get triggered into pain. Why not begin to live the teachings I have been imparting to you academically for some time now? Why not employ Ayurveda’s lifestyle wisdom fully to walk again, yoga to tell your mind (and the cosmic mind) you can do this, and live the spiritual knowledge from Vedanta to connect with your true spirit Self? And thereby make walking effortless playtime – a flight from darkness, untruths and stories of the mind, into health and radiance of the Self?”

Baba’s words were a wake up call. Instead of depending on Ayurveda drugs, I wanted to awaken and lay claim to my inner health. Baba had assured me that my health was waiting for me; it has merely fallen asleep, but it is never gone. I can awaken it with my own healing intentions and actions.


I thereafter plunged myself wholeheartedly into my study, beyond academics into real life health achievements, day by day, in ever building increments. I failed at times, but I started again, gently helped along by my wise teacher, Baba. 


Sometimes dis-ease and pain is a good thing. It makes us open the right door, the doorway to abiding heath, known as Arogyam. 


I not only learned Ayurveda and related sciences scholastically in my teacher’s traditional and experiential school called Gurukulam, but also literally fell in love with the healing wisdom of a lifestyle that has come down from my Rishi (sage) ancestors, over the ages.


And this is how I fly, crossing an entire ocean of (so-called genetically doomed) existence, without painkillers, exploratory surgeries, or wheelchairs. Through the pitfalls and unexpected deaths and losses of life and relationships, physical falls and traumatic accidents, I have learned that health is my true nature, my birthright. 

When I was growing up in India, living and learning this knowledge in the family of my teacher, I had no idea that one day I would be writing this book for a world audience. And yet, this is what has happened. This is less a testi­mony of my life journey and more of a shout-out for Ayurveda. What is the truth cannot be kept under wraps for long. More and more people are seeking Ayurveda’s lifestyle and benefiting from its transformative wisdom.

I hope this wisdom will change your life for the better too, as it did mine. But first, you have to believe that anything is possible.”

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An Encyclopedia of Ayurveda Wisdom for Body, Mind and Soul

Ayurveda teaches us that health is our underlying, natural state of being. By artfully adapting to the rhythms of nature, we can bring ourselves back into balance and experience abundant well-being with Ayurveda’s ancient lifestyle wisdom.


“A well-lived day is medicine unto itself,” proclaims author Acharya Shunya.


The most in-depth book of Ayurveda lifestyle wisdom existing today, this groundbreaking treasury of Ayurvedic lifestyle teachings and wellness practices guides you through the unfolding of a truly well-lived day.

Here’s a preview of the beautiful journey you will embark upon with this book, from morning to night:

The Science and Spirituality of Ayurveda


Meet the anchor of this book, Acharya Shunya’s grandfather, Baba, as you experience what it was like for her to grow up as a child with Baba as her guide to learning Ayurveda’s vast wisdom. 

Celebrating an Awakened Sky


The Vedic tradition teaches how the early morning hours are full of blessings that unfold throughout the rest of your day.  Learn some of Ayurveda’s abundant spiritual practices for starting your day off on the most positive note possible.

The Importance of Elimination


Digestion is the key to overall health in Ayurveda. Digestion and elimination are deeply intertwined in the Ayurvedic tradition. Learn how to improve your elimination as the key to boosting your digestion. Includes abundant delicious Ayurvedic recipes you can enjoy and benefit regardless of your specific digestive health goals.

The Art of Naturally Sparkling Smiles


Ayurveda is the only science to conceive of oral health as not only cleaning the teeth and rejuvenating and protecting the gums and mouth but also as a support of speech and of our ability to discern flavors. Learn how to make your very own tooth powders, mouth washes, gargles and more as you are led through an inspiring oral health care routine.

The Delight of Oiling, Bathing, Sense Care and Beauty Rituals


The landscape of Ayurveda is dotted with flower-like rituals of five-sense care and love that are simple to perform and that bring us long-term benefits. Ayurveda shows us how to convert bathing in our own standard bathtub or shower stall into a divine ritual, a rite in which we connect with nothing less than the potent spiritual power of water.

Crafting Sacred and Seasonal Meals


Food shapes and shifts the mind, influencing our abil­ity to think and to conceptualize. Food affects our deepest emotions. When we consume food with reverence and loving meditative awareness, our bodies become filled with radiant health and divine well-being. Learn the art and science of Ayurvedic eating, with plenty of recipes and practical inspiration to convert the act of eating into a divine experience each time.

Sleep, Sex and Exercise


Following food, sleep and sex are two essential sub-pillars of overall health in Ayurveda. Learn how to strengthen your foundation for overall health by understanding how sleep, sex and exercise are intertwined and practical ways to experience better sleep, and more satisfaction from sex and exercise.

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