Briana Dickinson

With the guidance and support of committed teachers and community, I began to learn how to give myself permission to slow down, to rest, to listen to my body. The cultivation and practice of an Ayurvedic lifestyle has allowed me the great fortune of relaxation through surrendering and listening to ancient teachings of how to live life well.

Everything in me is evolving, one cell at a time, and yet more than ever, I now feel I am myself, embodying my true nature. I no longer need to try to be, for I am able to relax into who I am and tap into a deep well of self-generated nourishment. When I wake up every morning, just before the sun, I feel as though I am giving myself the opportunity to deeply connect to my gratitude for my life, for all of life. During this time, I practice meditation and pranayama (yogic breathing exercises). I breathe myself into the day, waking into life, and my full embodied presence.


When I enjoy the subtle practice of yoga, a sense of stability and grounding is fostered in my body and in my entire being. Ironically, it is the slowing down, listening to my body and learning when to rest that has given me the power to accomplish more, and be satisfied with the choices I am making everyday.


The peaceful environment of Vedika evokes an inherent wisdom that opens my eyes and allows me to perceive and live my life as an artful science. It is truly a healing and transformative journey.

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