The word Ayurveda comes from the root words "ayu," meaning "life" and "veda," which means "knowledge," so Ayurveda is the knowledge of life is a whole. 

What makes Vedika's approach to Ayurveda unique is the way our founder, Acharya Shunya, teaches about the power we have to not only overcome or prevent disease, but to truly awaken and reclaim health from within. 

Join Acharya Shunya and Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian for an inspiring Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation and Rejuvenation  5-day women's retreat at 1440 Multiversity in the beautiful Redwoods of Scottsdale, CA. 

Spend a day learning how to rejuvenate your hair, skin, and whole body with self-love and mindful beauty practices at Vedika Global in Emeryville and via Webinar. This retreat will be taught by Vedika associate faculty Lakshmi and Karen.

Rejuvenating Ayurveda Beauty Retreat

August 19

Awakening Health


October 7-November 5

If you are looking for a more authentic relationship with yourself and others, this women’s retreat, led by Acharya Shunya and associate faculty Lakshmi and Ananta, is for you. Reconnect with a life of deeper meaning. Tap into the silent awareness of your heart as you discover and release blocks that are preventing you from accessing your inner voice, power and joy.

Learn Ayurveda’s vast lifestyle wisdom, which will help you open the door to a lifetime of masterful living. Say yes to better immunity, stronger digestion, peaceful sleep, radiant skin, healthier relationships, the ability to cook healing Ayurvedic super foods, and so much more. This course is taught by Acharya Shunya, Chef Sanjai and associate faculty.


Ayurveda Ancestral Herbal Library

Acharya Shunya's Awakening Health Center

We look forward to welcoming you soon to explore a treasure trove of ancient herbal remedies to help you handcraft your health with the help of Ayurvedic foods, flowers, spices, and herbs. The classes in this library are taught by Acharya Shunya and Chef Sanjai.

In 2018, Vedika Global will launch Acharya Shunya’s Awakening Health Center, a non-sectarian and non-partisan community-based wellness center that will focus on providing lifestyle education to live in harmony with natural rhythms.  

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