At Vedika, we explore the ancient science of Yoga in all its fullness - not only as a form of physical exercise, but also a systematic spiritual path toward the highest states of consciousness. Vedika founder Acharya Shunya's lineage offers a slow and spiritualized approach called Yoga for Atmabodha, or “awakening to the truth of our spiritual nature.”


As a mystical tradition, yoga incorporates many sub-paths, including the Yoga of knowledge (Jnana Yoga), the Yoga of devotion (Bhakti Yoga), the Yoga of selfless service (Karma Yoga). These paths are explored and in-depth as part of Acharya Shunya's Vedic Spiritual Studies Program.

Learn a practical and empowering Yoga for Atmabodha sequence you can integrate into your inspired daily Ayurvedic lifestyle as part of Vedika's Awakening Health Course.

Learn to study and practice Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Jnana Yoga (the Yogas of selfless service, devotion and knowledge) in the life-changing Vedic Spiritual Studies Program.

Vedic Spiritual Studies Program


We are pleased to soon offer you a series of recordings of Acharya Shunya's Yoga Sutras that she originally taught​ as part of the Vedic Spiritual Studies Program.

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