Derek Shreyas Cousineau

"In life, hours can feel like years and days can pass like seconds, so the nature of time is elusive. My studentship at Vedika has imbued a new relationship with time. Knowledge of Ayurveda has taught me to watch the cycle of seasons, moon, and the sun. The systematic knowledge of Vedanta has allowed me to better understand the set-up of this world to not get so caught up in my own likes and dislikes. This is teaching me to be free from my own impatience. This is teaching me to not judge time as an obstacle I must endure for my goals to be accomplished. This is teaching me to not fear time as the force that will take away the things I love. My external life has not so drastically changed, but my perception of this life has. We are taught how to be a witness and a knower, rather than just a doer and an experiencer. With this, comes a sense of calm. Every second is an opportunity; Every moment is rich; Every day is a festival."

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