Health is your birthright, taught the Vedic sages who discovered Ayurveda, the ancient Indian art and science of self-healing.

One of the things that sets Ayurveda apart from other systems of medicine is how it emphasizes the power you have to not simply prevent disease, but to actually activate, reclaim and awaken health.


In Ayurveda, health is synonymous with balance. And this balance is ultimately attained by living in alignment with nature’s inviolable laws – called Rta in the Vedas. Rta is the root word for rhythm in English. Living in harmony with nature’s eternal rhythms ultimately awakens us to our true, inherently, and abidingly healthy nature.

As Acharya Shunya’s grandfather and Guru, Baba, once taught her:


“As we grow older, we humans forget who we are and where we come from. The fishes don’t forget who they are, so they need not go to fish hospitals to revive their life essence. The lotus growing in the pond behind our home never questions its identity. So it blooms with all its might and fiercely defeats the dark, downward pull and stench of the muddy, cloudy water below. It exclaims “Look at me!”


Even the rocks know how to be rocks. The rivers’ inner knowing is the flow, and onward they flow, a course predetermined by Rta.


But we humans, we get the worst disease of all – the disease of forgetting who we really are. We forget that we are beings who come from Nature and that we must respect Nature. We now need a map to return to our natural state.


Fortunately, what is truth can never be wiped out simply by ignoring it. It simply is. When we respect the outer rhythm, the inner rhythm gives us health. Your mind, body and soul will become aligned, and you will no longer have to look beyond this to discover the ultimate truth of health, life, and happy existence. It is as if infinity will reveal itself to you from within. That beautiful moment is the state of perfect health. And it is not a magical or mystical encounter. It is just you and me remembering our true nature and thereafter living with self-confidence in our own ability and right to heal by intention, sacred thought, and Nature’s pure ingredients – sunshine, air, earth, foods and spices that are soul satisfying and naturally sourced according to the Rta of seasonal intelligence.”


In our Awakening Health Clinic, you have the opportunity to receive a foundation to actively choose health with simple healing foods, spices, and inspired daily lifestyle practices you can follow to align yourself with nature’s divine rhythms.

Benefits of the Awakening Health Clinic


In a series of three sessions over two months, you will receive a foundation for glowing health that includes:


  • A detailed map of health recommendations customized for your particular needs

  • A seasonal diet chart you can print out and post in your kitchen to guide you

  • Simple, inspiring lifestyle practices you can start doing to more closely align yourself with nature’s rhythms

  • Delicious healing Ayurvedic seasonal recipes you can cook

  • An introduction to Ayurvedic kitchen spices you can befriend for greater health

  • Guidance with herbs you can grow in your backyard to cultivate your own small garden of mindful living

Meet Prasanna Steve Longbotham

Prasanna is the Chief Ayurveda Consultant for Vedika’s Awakening Health Clinic, which operates in partnership with India Community Center in Milpitas, California. He is a Vedika Certified Ayurveda Clinical Specialist and Director on the Board. This work not only allows Prasanna to continue to expand his knowledge and grasp of Ayurveda but more importantly to share it with others so they can also awaken their own health naturally.


You can read more about his background here


What People Are Saying

"I had been suffering from hyperacidity for many months. I was experimenting with different things to counter this problem; BC 25, Mediterranean diet, salads, cereal with cold milk for breakfast. BC 25 helped but the Mediterranean diet did not. I followed Vaidya Shaaranya’s recommendation of switching to Sunflower oil, eating more bitter and astringent vegetables, eating ghee upto 3 tbsp. daily, eating cooked food, and avoiding fermented food. It was not difficult to follow these recommendations. I followed them for about 6 weeks. I now have less frequent flare-ups of acidity (down from daily to 1-2 times a week). I even like the changes that I made to my diet. It's great to know what effects various foods have on acidity, and I enjoy eating the foods that work better for me. I don't need to take acidity medicine that frequently. As a result of this experience with Ayurveda, I feel more informed and aligned with my dietary needs."  


~ Tarun, 34, Fremont

""I had suffered from knee pain for 4 years and was restricted in performing some of my regular activities. After consulting Dr. Shaaranya in 3 meetings, I was able to find a huge difference in my performance. It was no medication, but merely change in my diet in the daily routine, since she diagnosed me with increase in vata dosha. To rectify the imbalance, I just followed her given regimen about my daily food intake for about 6 months and a regular follow up.Thanks a bunch Dr. for your patiently listening to me and helping me to follow your suggestions. You have made me stronger to believe even more in Ayurveda."


~  Amy, 43, Cupertino


By Appointment Only (No Walk-Ins) 

Tuesdays (Initial Intake Appointments only)

Fridays (Follow-up Appointments only)

The Clinic is closed in August and December. 



This is a donation-based Clinic, and hence, donations are gratefully appreciated to keep this Clinic running long-term. 



The Clinic requires signing up for three appointments, which must be completed within two months.

No phone or email consultations.

  • First Appointment  |  Intake and interview (45 – 60 minutes)

  • Second Appointment  |  Wellness recommendations (30 – 45 minutes)

  • Third Appointment  |  Follow-up questions (30 – 45 minutes)


Complete information and required forms will be sent prior to the first appointment.  Please read the First Appointment email in its entirety and complete all forms prior to the appointment.

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