Isabelle Boesch

“One of my favorite things about Ayurveda is that everything is hand made. What is the quality of something handmade as opposed to something mass produced? I’ve been thinking about this question a lot since studying at Vedika. After practicing my daily rituals for a few weeks, my answer is a resounding “hand made is WAY BETTER!” This is especially true when it comes to cooking, but also applies to beauty rituals and self care practices. Since studying at Vedika, I have become more curious about the food I get in a restaurant and comparing them to the foods I prepare at home. Both are said to fill my body with nourishment and give strength. So what’s the difference?


When I make kichadi (Ayurveda rice and lentil gruel) by hand, I am thinking about my loved ones who will be eating it. As I soak the beans and rice, I do so knowing that these will soon be nourishing bodies that I love. I’ve mindfully bought the basmati rice and split mung. I know their sources. I shave the fresh ginger with care. If I were to serve my family factory made food, in which the workers may have no connection to what they are producing, I am not nourishing my family in the same way.


A face mask made with fresh milk and newly cut aloe is ensouled in a way that a store bought face mask isn’t. As I make the mask and mindfully apply it, I know that it is imbued with my warmth and feeling.”

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