Kate Augenbaugh

I recently went on a sabbatical from my career when I felt my health going downhill. My doctor confirmed my suspicions by diagnosing me with high blood pressure.

In response to this, I attended Vedika Global’s 2-Month Ayurveda Self-Care Course with a Sankalpa, or intention, to restore and maintain balance in my life – a concept I consider to be one of my core values. The course took me a step further and revealed a more profound skill. Through foundational theory, practice, and reflection, I learned how to compassionately embrace the fluctuations and imbalances I experience in my life and within the external world. I have also learned simple, yet powerful, ways to bring myself into balance.


In Ayurveda, everything is made up of five elements. These elements combine to create doshas (bio-psychic forces), which are present in the body and mind. Everyone has a unique combination of doshas and, in Ayurveda, we work to keep these doshas in balance.


I have softened my negative narrative around my own imbalances. I’m also able to view others with more compassion, as I recognize that if someone is reacting carelessly, they are very likely experiencing some kind of imbalance of their doshas.

Most importantly, I can now appreciate how the elements tease one another, resulting in what appears to be infinite combinations of ether, air, fire, water, and earth teetering in and out of balance.

My newfound understanding of the intricate dance of these five elements has imbued me with a profound ability to see beauty everywhere.

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