How to Start Your Learning Journey

First and foremost be present for the current teachings

1st and 3rd Thursday night Satsangas (live or via webinar)

These are teachings on general topics, such as on conscious relationships, devotion, and spiritual disciplines.


2nd and 4th Thursday night Bhagavad Gita classes (via webinar)

These are verse-by-verse teachings on the Bhagavad Gita text, considered by eastern and western scholars alike to be among the greatest spiritual books the world has ever known. In this text the eternal principles of the Soul are revealed.

Retreats and Festivals (live or via webinar)

See the calendar for upcoming events.

If you want to review a specific teaching (for example, a class you missed), you can access individual archived teachings on the intranet

If you want to deepen your contemplations further, and you have the extra time, you can access archived series on the intranet

General Guidelines

  • Start a series only if you can complete it.

  • Be systematic. Begin at the start of a series and end with the last video.

  • Take notes while watching. Contemplate on the knowledge imparted for the following week.

  • Suggested pace: one video per week

Suggested Path for Intranet Review

Bhagavad Gita Series - Considered by scholars to be among the greatest spiritual books the world has ever known, the Gita reveals the eternal principles of the Soul. Catch up on any previous classes you’ve missed starting with the first. This series began on Aug. 23, 2017

Tatva Bodha Series (20 week commitment) – An in depth introduction to the basic tenets and key terms of Nondual (Adwaita) Vedanta. This is a fundamental text for those desirous of moksha (spiritual freedom).

Intro to Vedanta Series (9 week commitment)– A more abbreviated overview of the basic tenents and key terms of Nondual (Adwaita) Vedanta.

The four series below can be viewed in any order. Choose based on what speaks to you.

Also, note that Sadhana is meant to be an ongoing study. You’re invited and encouraged to revisit these series throughout your studentship.

9 Step Sadhana Chatushtaya (20 week commitment)– An unfolding of the sadhana (disciplines) that convert an average student into a qualified seeker of Self-Knowledge. (Also covered as part of the Tatva Bodha series.)

Sadhana Panchakam (7 week commitment) –  A discussion of the sadhana (disciplines)

specific to stage of life: student stage, householder stage, renouncing stage, or monk stage. Especially helpful, if you are confused between conflicting duties as a householder and as a spiritual student.

Gayatri Sadhana (5 week commitment) –  Mystical teachings built around the recitation of the Gayatri mantra, the main mantra of our lineage. Recommended only if you feel drawn to mantra based practices.

Yoga Sutra (4 week commitment) –  An introduction to this essential Yogic text and the key meditation concepts discussed in it. Helpful for stilling and calming the mind.

You are also invited to learn class mantras anytime

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