Nourishing Baby and Mother

Supported by the timeless principles of Ayurveda, pregnancy and the post-delivery period become a precious time of conscious self-care for the mother and gifting lifelong health benefits to the baby. Experience comfort and confidence during this transformative period by aligning the body, mind and soul through the science of Ayurveda with this inspiring workshop taught by two mothers who have personally greatly benefited from Ayurveda during and after their own pregnancies.

What does the workshop include?

  • Overview of the fundamentals of Ayurveda

  • Ayurveda's recommendations for food and care of the mother specific to each month of pregnancy

  • Discover a key ingredient to support lactation

  • Understand the important practices to heal and nourish the mother after delivery

  • Practice beneficial yoga postures during Pregnancy

  • Cooking demo of delicious nourishing recipes 

  • A delicious lunch is included in this workshop

Who will benefit from this workshop?
  • Planning, expecting or new moms and dads

  • Anyone caring for and supporting moms during the prenatal and postpartum phase 


Can I bring children?

  • Small lap children or older kids who can occupy themselves independently are welcome

  • For toddlers needing supervision, we can arrange childcare for an extra cost upon request 


Date: Sunday, January 15, 2017

Time: 9:30am to 3:30pm 

Location: Vedika Global

Cost: Register before Dec 31st - $108, After Dec 31st - $128

Shaaranya Geetanjali Chakraborty

is a Vedika Certified Ayurveda Clinical Specialist, Chief Ayurveda Consultant at the India Community Center (ICC) and Director of the Awakening Health Program. She has taught Ayurveda at Stanford University’s Health Improvement Program. She previously worked as a Research Associate at Georgetown and Stanford Universities and has a masters in biochemistry from Georgetown University. Shaaranya believes the human body is a living lab and that Ayurveda teaches us to develop awareness of our actions at a subtler level, and verify its science by living it. She feels inspired to teach Ayurveda as a way to pay forward the gift of knowledge she has received from Vedika.

Ishani Lauren Naidu

is a Vedika Certified Ayurveda Health Educator who serves as Editor of The Hamsa magazine, which is an offering of Vedika’s Spiritual Studies program. She started studying with Acharya Shunya in 2009. She now teaches Ayurveda to children and teens at schools in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Outside Vedika, Ishani serves as Product Development Coordinator at Sukarma Biotech, Coimbatore. She has a bachelors degree in Sociology from Boston University and has previously worked in nonprofits developing curriculum for teens on social justice issues, counseling youth on independent living skills. Ishani is inspired by the wisdom and selfless service flowing from the Vedika lineage and Acharya Shunya, and following this model, feels deeply drawn to be of service to her teachers, community and others. 

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