• By Acharya Shunya

The Dharma of Spiritual Studentship

Vedika's Spiritual Studies program provides an insightful introduction to the dharma of spiritual studentship – the psychological, social, inter-personal, ethical issues a seeker must necessary cultivate mindfully, in order to cultivate worthiness (adhikara) to receive the transcendental knowledge of Self. This is taught alongside a 9-step Adwaita Vedanta spiritual sadhana including spiritual discrimination and dispassion, for an awakened consciousness that is ready to ask the question: Who am I? And receive the answer from within.

The 9-step Adwaita Vedanta Sadhana that this program imparts systematically ends all self-sabotaging, negative self-fulfilling prophecies and limited belief systems. Students leap beyond immediate situations and limitations, empowered to make the best of what is, prevent suffering and change the course of their karmic destiny that is yet to come.

As above all, sadhana annihilates the cycle of karma, which is the first cause of dis-ease, distress and dis-contentment leading to the never-ending cycle of birth and rebirth (with the classic bondage of being caught in the wheel of birth and death).

At Vedika, you will not only be encouraged and supported to take care of your body (Ayurveda lifestyle sadhana). You will also be led, through Vedanta, to understand your true nature, your spiritual Self, which is already flawlessly healthy and supreme (Vedanta’s 9 step sadhana).

Themes of trust (Shraddha), devotion (Bhakti), discernment (Viveka), renunciation (Vairagya), austerity (Tapas) and selfish desire (Kaama) versus selfless duty (Karma Yoga) are explored.

This education of the whole person, especially without attending religious dogma, is rare.


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