• By Acharya Shunya

The Special Features of My Gurukulam

When I set the foundation for Vedika in 2007, not surprisingly, I also established a gurukulam (alongside other mainstream programs) modeled after the traditional gurukulam of my lineage ancestors, especially my Guru Baba. My Gurukulam at Vedika is a much-needed step (deliberately taken backwards), towards re-examining and re-introducing what is genuine, abiding and worth preserving in a Vedic educational context.

My Gurukulam’s non-fee based, non- competitive, non-commercialized, truly authentic and in-depth approach to classical, devotional and tradition-based teaching and learning is a great fortification to a student’s journey of self actualization and Self realization. This process is preparing worthy leaders for tomorrow.

Living the Teachings

My Gurukulam is different from all other classroom education in Ayurveda, for example. For starters, the highest and purest intellectual knowledge from source texts is made experientially accessible in ways that directly impact a student’s physical, emotional, psychological, and social well being of the student.

The student is not asked to memorize, but rather to internalize the wisdom and live the practices taught. The student is not asked to take written tests and regurgitate rote learning, but is instead encouraged instead to become one with the truth with a recognizable radiant soul connection.

My great teacher, my Guru’s Guru, Paramatman Shanti Prakash wrote in the preface to his Adi Bhagwad Gita (1932),

“Be a true seeker after Truth, the light will then flash upon you, not only from scriptures and sages of this world, but also from your own inner Atman (consciousness)- based spontaneous knowingness”. An ancient Atharva Veda verse puts it this way: “Make room for your own elevation. Release your imprisoned Self from the fetters of body and mind. Freed, traverse the new pathways of your own choice and making.”

Shaping Future Leaders

Naturally, I take personal interest in the lives of my Gurukulam students, and after they touch their own infinite potential, I groom them to become humanitarian wellness leaders, ambassadors of knowledge who walk the walk and not merely talk the talk.

My Gurukulam therefore provides structure, guidance and support to help my selected students transform into full spectrum healers, teachers and ambassadors of Vedic spirituality. As my great teacher wrote,

“One can change one’s own tendencies (samskaras) by their strong will and also by a change in environment. If one develops his or her tendencies in the right direction, he or she will shape well his life and also do good to the society and country to which he belongs.” – The Adi Bhagavad Gita compiled by Vedika lineage fountainhead Bade Baba in 1931

What I offer via the Gurukulam, personalized spiritual mentoring along with the education, may appear unique today. But until not long ago, Vedic knowledge was taught only one way: the direct way, heart to heart, through the spoken word, transmitted by a sincere master to a devoted group of disciples in the intimate setting of the unique, personalized Gurukulam, where devoted students gathered around their wise ‘parental’ teacher, for at least 12 years (at a minimum).

Teacher-Student Relationship

A characteristic feature of the Gurukulam is its emphasis on the teacher-student relationship, which is the subtle vehicle of consciousness transformation. In my Gurukulam, I give my students an opportunity to engage in a deeper educational relationship with me, as their personally invested Guru in a more intimate, richly supportive learning environment that promotes Satsangha, the transmission of timeless Vedic knowledge.

Deeper Internalization of Knowledge

Select students have the opportunity to go deeper into the Vedic value of Sadhana, or spiritual discipline, dedicated contemplation, lived practices and internalization of this knowledge under my careful, watchful guidance.


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