• Ryan Kannett

Discovering Hidden Truth at Vedika Global

I have spent much of my life seeking knowledge. I have always had a desire to know the deeper meaning that exists beneath the surface appearances of this world. This has inevitably led my journey inwards.

It has been a gradual process, but my life has taken on more meaning as the knowledge I have sought has become more intrinsic to who I am. I have found home with Vedika Global. Who I am is reflected not only in the knowledge that I am receiving from my education at Vedika, but in the manner in which that knowledge is being conveyed to me.

At Vedika Gurukula, Ayurvedic Medicine is being taught in accord with tradition. It is an integrated experience, which starts with unearthing true awareness of the Self, healing our own experience of ourselves, our lives, and our worlds. It is only once we heal ourselves that we have the capacity to heal others, and the insight to apply this venerable tradition to healing our communities.

Vedika presents us with the opportunity to discover truth for ourselves, to shine the light of Vidya (True Knowledge) on the recesses of our soul, so that it may illuminate every facet of our being. In this way, it encourages an embodiment of the principles of Ayurveda, to apply it as a lived practice. The education itself connects three great sciences that were never meant to be practiced in isolation: Ayurveda, Yoga, and Vedanta. These teachings are offered in such a way that the principles are understood and can be applied to body, mind, and consciousness.

From the moment you walk into Vedika, you enter an environment that is harmoniously congruent with the principles being taught, which is conducive to true higher learning. What’s more is that it is so warm and inviting! From the welcome you receive from the community, which makes you feel like you have always been a part of it. To the ambiance of the incense and lamps, which so wonderfully stimulate your senses (which you will learn about in a far deeper context than you ever thought possible at Vedika) and honor your light.

Then, there is the pure, balanced, and wholesomely prepared meal offered before each class. The prayers and humble center from which all else unfolds is received.

Finally, there is the profound and magnetic grace of our teacher, though the word teacher is not enough.

Our beloved Acharya Shunya carries with her our Sampradaya, our living lineage of Vedic Truth. She grants us access to a source of wisdom, which has been passed down uninterruptedly from time immemorial to bless us in the here and now, to allow us to rise to our most wondrous heights and find the truth hidden within. To make it our own, as it has been all along.

May the light of Vidya illumine your Being.

The author Ryan Kannett studied Vedanta in the Vedic Spiritual Studies program and is a graduate of Acharya Shunya's Ayurveda Course

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