• Soumya Kristin Mattias

Trust is the Union of Intelligence and Integrity

This Summer I was fortunate to take a trip to Lake Tahoe. One morning while I was drinking some tea, I was looking out into the lake, admiring the deep blue water, and the beautiful snow capped mountains. I was feeling such admiration of nature’s blessings due to the fresh air, tall trees, birds, and the shimmering lake. I then noticed the quote that was attached to my tea bag, “Trust is the union of intelligence and integrity.” I smiled and reflected on this quote and how relevant it felt to me as a student of Acharya Shunya’s Vedic Spiritual Studies Program at Vedika Global.

As a student at Vedika, I have been given the opportunity to explore trust on a very deep level. Before my studies, I intuitively felt trust in spirit, divinity, creation and human connectedness. Despite my trust in a higher order, I felt confused by the myriad of thoughts, beliefs, and opinions of myself and others. I was also disconnected from a teacher, community, and experiences where trust was brought to life in sacred and uplifting ways. As I got older, I felt further detached from my values of trust, and more dominant in my mind and ego. I had a deep sense of attachment to my values and opinions on various things in life such as social justice, politics, philosophy, religion etc. I felt very justified in my beliefs and to what I felt was right. I surrounded myself with people who were similar to me and felt a strong separation from people who didn’t value what I did. When I found Acharya Shunya and Vedika Global, I felt burdened, separated, and depleted in my life experiences. I didn’t know who or what to trust.

Simply by listening to Acharya Shunya’s Vedic teachings, I felt reconnected to trust in the cosmos, in something larger than myself, and the infinite intelligence that we all feel at times. My heart and mind opened to her words. I found myself living more strategically. Through Ayurvedic teachings, I felt empowered with knowledge on how to support my health, and how to live in more harmony with nature. Through Acharya’s Advaita Vedanta teachings, I was more aware of my mind, and my excessive thoughts, fears, and attachments. I was given specific teachings and tools on how to be the witness of my mind, and how let them pass through breath, silence, and trust in all that was unfolding in my life. Instead of my firm conviction in what I felt was right, I felt more at ease with whatever transpired, and more trust in the divine orchestration of life. Each of my guru’s teachings, provided more reflection and tools, and therefore my mind was opening more to my heart and spirit.

As I work daily to detach from my mind and ego, I notice areas where I can grow and transform to allow more space for peace. It is easy for my mind and ego to fall into old patterns. When I notice myself in negative thoughts, I think about gratitude. Some days are easier than others to reach this place, but due to increased trust, and the wisdom of the Vedas, I can more easily turn my mental suffering into connection. I have more space within my inner being, to connect with my spirit, and the spirit of us all. For instance, I was recently feeling frustrated for most of the day. I was listening to my three small children arguing, looking at piles of laundry waiting to be folded, while trying to cook a healthy dinner and manage other household chores. I could feel my body tighten from stress, and my body heat increase from the irritation of listening to my kids arguing. I decided to go in my backyard to simply get fresh air. I then found myself breathing, and engaging in simple stretches. I noticed my body cooling down, my mind at more ease, and an elevation of my spirit. White butterflies started to flutter past me while landing on certain flowers in my garden. I saw bumble bees buzzing about and birds flying above me. I looked up at the big expansive sky and I began to laugh at myself. I realized how lost I was in my mind for the majority of the day and how simple it was to reconnect myself through spending 5 minutes in nature. These kind of experiences foster more more reverence and joy into my daily life.

The shift in my mindset, my increased feelings of trust, and the intelligence of the Vedas and my guru’s teachings have all integrated and transformed my life. I can come to a place of understanding, compassion, and acceptance easier than before. The union that I feel with myself, others and nature has expanded and provided great relief to my mind. Challenges still come up in my life, and I still have to reign in my mind and ego from over reacting. Yet, I still find that from being a student at Vedika, I have a much closer connection to the knowledge of who I am. I know that we are all born whole with divine light and special gifts. The ways in which I can cultivate and radiate more peace by using my mind as an instrument rather than letting it run rampant with over thinking has expanded my consciousness. I have continually been given ample space to learn and grow at Vedika through my studentship.

This new paradigm and way of living has been so inspirational and fulfilling. All of the things that I was attached to before such as equity, social justice, a liberal and progressive society, etc felt so impossible. That tremendous burden of not knowing how to help society and humanity in a real way has been removed. I admire things that I used to take for granted such as a sunrise, sunset, birds chirping, and to be able to witness these things is such a blessing. Integrity is defined as the state of being whole and undivided. I can now connect to the essence my inner light, and the inner light of all. From this space of sacred connection, I am awakened to the powerful spirit of healing and awakening. Everything and everyone provides the opportunity for more light and love.

The author Soumya Kristin Mattias is a student of Acharya Shunya, serves as the Satsangha Coordinator of Vedika’s Spiritual Studies program, and assists in facilitating Awakening Community Circles.

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