• Sukhdeep Kaur

Shadow and Light

Shadow and Light, aspects of our life.

Ego to eternal light, a strife, life after life.

The play of shadow can sway or excite,

create an entire show, night after night.

Shadows come and go due to the light,

somewhere low, somewhere bright.

The inner glow offers some insight.

and we steadily plow towards the light.

As we grow closer to the light,

we diminish the shadow and are ready to ignite.

Though the candlestick still casts a shadow,

the lit up wick can no longer do so.

Merging with light it becomes the light.

Such is the glow, the candle too stays no more

and the light melts its shadow.

Warmth and glow melt the ego.

But were it not for the shadow, would we know the light,

play with the transient shadow, strive for eternal light?

for where there is eternal glow and forever bright,

there is no shadow, there is no light.

This article comes from Hamsa magazine. We welcome you to enjoy reading each magazine to benefit from summaries of and heartfelt reflections on Vedika founder and Acharya Shunya's teachings, written by students of her Spiritual Studies Program.

The author Sukhdeep Kaur is a student of Acharya Shunya. She performed sevā as part of Vedika’s Audio/Video team supporting to bring Vedic Spiritual Studies classes and Vedika Global events to distance students.

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