• Manju Banerje

Nectar of the Bhagawat Gita

As we drink in the nectar of wisdom and knowledge documented in the Bhagawat Gita, I am witnessing the unfolding of the source of this wisdom. It is infinite and unlimited which transcends all religions, beliefs and universal consciousness. I also firmly believe that Bhagawat Gita must be read with great scrutiny and definitely with the help of a teacher who has understood it from within and is imparting the interpretation without any motivated intension. I have found that teacher in Āchārya Shunya. In the Vedic Spiritual Studies Program, she brings out the relevance of the verses to our current times. At times however, when I listen to her, I physically go back in time and feel as if Lord Krishna is speaking to me through our teacher.

This discourse, in Bhagawat Gita, one of the greatest and finest dialogues of life, took place just before the onset of a war, a conflict between cousins over political power, greed, tainted by abuse of power and abuse of women as well. The trials, tribulations, delusions and bewilderment of Arjuna holds true even in this day and age, in our lives today! We face similar situations, conflicts and dilemma in different time and space. The conflicts remain universal.

We tend to get lost in what needs to be done and what to let go. We struggle to understand and strategize positive actions on the values we have the responsibility to uphold and fight for. In this delusional state, we strive for things that give us pleasure and avoid things that give us discomfort or pain. We find excuses for not taking proper action when it serves our comfort seeking self. For Arjuna, even as a decorated warrior, living the rest of his life as a hermit was more comfortable than fighting for righteousness. Many what-ifs scenarios come to into play and inaction sounds more comfortable and easier decision to follow. We struggle in the decision to fight for the bigger good.

TEXT 47 – resounded to me in many tribulations I faced in my life. Lord Krishna, tells us that we have the duty to perform and take the right actions. He guides us to not work from a space that feels that we are entitled to the fruits of our action. Not getting attached to the outcome? This is a concept, that in practice can free us all from the pains of disappointment.

Even before I started the Bhagawat Gita studies program with Shunyaji, I intuitively realized that letting go of the results is more empowering than you can imagine. The results then, are not limited by your thoughts or finite imagination. Many a times, when I was faced with creative challenges or other life challenges that needed resolution, the process I followed intuitively was very simple. Instead of rushing to action or indulging in self-pity or self-doubt, I sat quietly for a few minutes. I envisioned my results or desired outcome. I made it as detailed as possible with colors, sounds and even people in it. Then, I released that to the universe for guidance and protection. (I was not truly affiliated with any religion or God). I somehow trusted that the universe has infinite potentiality and resources. I did not even work on action plans and any such details right away. As time unfolded, the right actions just flowed. Automagically, the people who I needed help and guidance from, emerged. The results were also magically better than what I had imagined or envisioned. Of course, another ingredient I had in the mix was, my attitude. I have always approached these challenges as providing a learning and growth opportunity even though it was giving me heartache and headache at that moment. I knew not to waste time in instinctively finding an excuse or something or somebody to blame. I took the responsibility and ownership of these challenges that I faced. Also, when success came, I was conscious of not making me boastful or vain. I took it as my good fortune and divine blessing.

However, I have only tried this approach on bigger problems or challenges and forget to use this approach in my daily life. With this study with Shunyaji, even my day-to-day challenges and frustration with health issues, roof leaks, internet going down and repairs getting delayed is not controlling my mood. I consciously choose to not get frustrated or irritated. I am not totally there yet, but I can envision the time when I am my true self – unperturbed, calm – a state of total equanimity!

The author Manju Banerje has been a student of Acharya Shunya since 2017. Manju serves as a core volunteer, supporting the organization in a few capacities, including editing and illustrations.

Learn more about how you can study Vedanta with Acharya Shunya in her Vedic Spiritual Studies Program.

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