Serena Arora

The Awakening Health course helped me discover which foods, spices, herbs, and practices are appropriate for different seasons, according to their qualities, how they affect each individual, and help cultivate more balance and harmony in life. The most significant and consistent change that I have made is the time I get up in the morning and what I do in this time to prepare for my day.

I have been disciplined in a daily self-care practice (Dinacharya) every morning and have experienced the positive effects that it has had on my mind and body. Indulging in a morning Meditation and Yoga practice has helped quiet my mind and awaken my soul; Body oil massage (Abhyanga) helps me to feel more grounded and has kept my joints feeling well lubricated and strong – especially noticeable in my yoga practice! Nasal oiling (Nasya) and oil pulling have helped detoxify impurities (Ama) and subsequently boosted my immunity. I haven’t been sick this entire winter and spring seasons!

People who know me know that I love food (and eating), but Ayurvedic recipes that I have prepared in the past have never really been that appetizing to me; thus, I have avoided preparing them. The meal experience at Vedika, however, was a refreshingly different story and the meals (prepared for every class) were simple, satisfying, and delicious! I have now happily integrated these Ayurvedic recipes into my daily menu repertoire and aim to eat at the same times every day (not always easy, but our bodies love consistency).

All of these internal and external nourishment experiences have contributed to me feeling more calm, centered, and vibrant – ultimately affecting everything I think, say, and do, and allowing me to feel more grateful for each and every part of this journey.

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