Siddhi JoAnna Traski is a lifetime member of Acharya Shunya's Ecclesiastical Council and current Council Chairperson.  She is a Vedika Certified Ayurveda Clinical Specialist who has studied with Acharya Shunya since 2009. She has served as the Associate Director for the Awakening Health Clinic from its inception through 2016, where she mentored and supported Ayurveda student practitioners and clinical teachers. She also served as Secretary to Vedika’s Board of Directors.


Outside Vedika, Siddhi is currently a substitute teacher and has served as a PTA President at both the unit and council level for several years.  She's also served on the PTA District board as a chairperson.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from California State University in Hayward and an associate degree in Early Childhood Development and Liberal Studies.


Siddhi is inspired by volunteering at Vedika because she feels that Vedika embodies the true meaning of volunteering. She has volunteered and continues to volunteer in many different organizations, but feels that volunteering at Vedika is unique because it has given her the chance to learn and practice detachment. Siddhi feels that her service work is contributing not only to the good of the whole but to the good of the individual as well. You can find more on her thoughts and inspirations from being a member of the Vedika community through her writings on the Vedika blog.

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