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A unique invitation to awaken to your spiritual Self  

Our Vedic Spiritual Studies membership program welcomes seekers ready to experience the transformative unity vision of Adwaita Vedanta, that you are already that which you seek to become – Pure Being, Consciousness, Limitless Fullness.

When we do not know our true being, our spiritual Self, we pretend to be what we are not. That is painful at every level – personal, social, existential. It is not something that happens on purpose. It is simply a situation that has to be addressed with the right kind of knowledge, since worldly labels can only describe our body and mind.


Since both the body and mind are locales of ceaseless change, we never really know who we are with certainty.


And that is the essential inquiry: Who am I?


To be that, the changeless Self, then, is ultimate health in the Vedic understanding.

Return to Your Self


The philosophy of Adwaita Vedanta has led souls home, back to source, for thousands of years.


Upon discovery of your true Self, which is not the mind that fluctuates in its self-appraisal by the moment, nor the body, that varies with seasons and age, but the changeless Self, which is one with God, a deep sense of belonging, purpose and sense of wellbeing takes over.


This is worth pursuing, as spiritual wellbeing is incomparable to even the highest form of joy in the material universe. A particle of its bliss supplies the bliss of the whole universe. Everything becomes enlightened in its light. The knower of Self revels in the lights of the heart, an ecstasy that is indescribable—all pure bliss, incomparable, transcending time, ever free, beyond desire.

Contemplation upon the formless reality, the Self that is ever-present in the cave of the heart, sets us free.


“In a world of forgetfulness, a turn inwards, towards the Self, is a turn taken in the right direction -- towards the path that will lead us home. This is the path of Sva-dharma and home is none other, but the expansive, infinite, eternally loving embrace of our true Self.”


-Acharya Shunya

The Dawning of Self-Knowledge


Until we are aware of the true Self, it is mostly an academic concept; and we mainly experience darkness, fear, anger, and restlessness in the inner world. People, even the most skilled, gifted, lucky and talented ones, sooner or later get stressed.


And then, with the help of knowledge, first intellectually, then emotionally, and then, finally, with full conviction and experience—we begin to recognize and identify with the true Self. We then begin to experience a natural resolution to worldly sufferings—of body, mind and in relationships. At times, even chronic physical symptoms get alleviated, as if spontaneously. 


The self-management accomplished by the higher Self sets us free, to live in an awakened way, in harmony with ourselves (our own mind and beliefs), with other beings and creatures, and with joy and ease. 


Why Study Advaita Vedanta?


The aim of Advaita Vedanta study is to discover the non-dual Self. In helping us develop the emotional maturity necessary for gaining Self knowledge, study of Advaita Vedanta helps us live in harmony with this entire universe, with all its births, deaths, changes and losses.


We who were seeking and searching for God here and there in form, come home to the formless God dwelling within. This is a momentous realization.


When the art of living, as expounded by Adwaita Vedanta, is understood experientially, we stop living mechanically, playing out pre-scripted roles authored by the mind and society and subscribing to limiting notions (as mother, daughter, husband, son, son-in-law, boss, assistant, etc.). 


Instead, we begin living the boldest and truest versions of ourselves - as Self, inherently suffused with wholeness. 


Now, we become awakened citizens of a conscious plane of existence – a spiritual field, no less. 

Embracing Oneness


Vedanta suggests that the deepest cause of emotional suffering is the perception of separation; considering one's self and happiness as distinct and conflicted with the self and happiness of others (a competitive view). 


Such sorrow and suffering cannot exist however, once we realize the truth of Oneness, the same Self expressing in all of existence. This refocuses our perception, beyond individual egos. We become naturally generous, caring and sharing in our actions, speech and thought.


Vedantic psychology going beyond the traditional view of the mind to tap into its amazing, but hidden spiritual quality known as sattva (a balancing, harmonizing, mind calming principle) is integral to Advaita Vedanta in helping us connect to our pure essence (the Self). 

This ancient psychology embedded in the Vedantic tradition not only heals our minds but also actualizes our minds, making us truly sovereign in a spiritual sense, and masters of our life script. It ends dysfunctional dependencies, shame and blame. It rids us of negative emotional states, such as depression, anger and angst, and instead plants seeds of hope, compassion, forgiveness and abiding creativity.


Vedantic psychology teaches us how to cultivate sattwa – almost like a farmer would plant a seed (of sattwa) and reap its crop. It teaches us how to befriend our own true mind. The sattwic mind is our friend, and if we are willing to connect with it, it becomes our guide. It frees us from the mind that traps us in its fears and stories, and ignited with knowledge, we make leaps of consciousness. 

When to a man who understands, the Self has become all things, what sorrow, what trouble can there be, to him who beholds that unity.

— Isha Upanishad, 7

About Acharya Shunya


Acharya Shunya is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, ordained lineage holder, authority and scholar of Vedic sciences of Vedanta along with Yoga and Ayurveda. She transmits the spiritual knowledge of Self through the roots of her ancient family lineage as well as through her own life, which has become an ignited example of awakened living, selfless service and reverence to tradition. A truth teller and awakener of spiritual consciousness, she transmits the highest spiritual knowledge grounded in classical texts and scriptures, and makes it accessible in ways that directly impact the physical, emotional, psychological and social wellbeing of modern spiritual seekers.


Acharya Shunya teaches at Vedika Global, her spiritual community and wisdom school in Emeryville, California, and worldwide via online courses. She leads retreats and workshops internationally. Shunya has already taught her ongoing students the Vedic texts Tattva Bodha, Sadhana Panchakam, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and sections from Drig Drishya Vivekam, Viveka Chudamani and several hymns such as Bhawani Ashtakam, Guru Stotram, Gayathri Mantra, etc.


About the Spiritual Lineage


Acharya Shunya's grandfather, Baba Ayodhya Nath, was a Vedanta scholar and yogi who perfected his teachings from years of solitary sojourn in the Himalayas and rigorous study. Many scriptures were taught over the years in great detail by Baba to devoted seekers, including Acharya Shunya.


Acharya Shunya's great grandfather established the historic Sadharan Dharma Sabha in 1931 in Ayodhya, which undertook Vedic scholastic, educational, charitable, and community health-oriented activities. 


Now Acharya Shunya's spiritual discourse and health teachings are benefitting students worldwide.

Begin Your Journey of Knowing Your Spiritual Self 

Join us for transformational study of traditional Vedanta scriptures and contemplative, spiritual practices with Acharya Shunya. We invite you to begin your journey by coming to experience up to four sample classes at Vedika Global in San Francisco Bay Area or anywhere worldwide online via webinar. 

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