Steve is an independent consultant in the maritime sector, specializing in Operations and IT.  He brings to Vedika over 35 years of experience at the intersection of international businesses, where his expertise has been in solving business challenges with innovative process and software solutions. He is recognized as forward thinking and adept at customer relations. Steve is particularly at home in Asia.

In addition to his consulting work, Steve has been deeply involved with Vedika Global both as a student of Vedanta, Yoga, and Ayurveda, and after graduation, as a part-time Ayurveda Health Consultant at the India Community Center (ICC) Ayurveda Wellness Clinic. This work not only allows Prasanna to continue to expand his knowledge and grasp of Ayurveda but more importantly to share it with others so they can also awaken their own health naturally.

It was during his college days that Steve began exploring the big questions of life: who am I and why am I here in this world? Over the years, his journey led him through studies in psychology, and, finding those inadequate, to the study of Eastern philosophy and meditation. Ultimately Steve experienced a deep connection with the digestible wisdom and high-minded intentions he encountered at Vedika.

He found a livable spiritual platform where he could explore the questions that had called to him for decades: the purpose of life and how to embrace the values and practices that make these teachings a living reality.

Steve travels frequently for his consulting work, and his colleagues admire his ability to maintain health, compassion and a calm, cheerful attitude as he moves back and forth across time zones and cultures.  Steve does this by taking the principles and practices of Ayurveda with him everywhere he goes, and sharing them with his family.

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