Soham Thomas Steininger has served as a Director of the Board at Vedika Global since 2015, and has been studying with Acharya Shunya since 2010.  Soham has been interested in understanding the esoteric mysteries of the universe, health and wellness, and self-enlightenment since childhood.   While seeking answers to his own health and wellness concerns, he met his teacher Acharya Shunya and began studying Ayurveda.   Later, as he began to study Vedanta, he was struck by the scope of these Vedic teachings and their full understanding of concepts inadequately understood by western science and religion.   After finding his own life transformed from these teachings, he believes the world will benefit greatly by expanding access for others to learn from Acharya Shunya.    


In his professional life, Soham has worked as an Electrical Engineer for over 20 years at music and tech startup companies in Silicon Valley.  In addition to his engineering expertise in hardware/software/firmware design, IC packaging, product design and development, Soham contributes his background in resource and cost optimization, team and organizational management to his seva at Vedika.   

In his personal life, Soham is a talented musician and sound engineer.  He brings his extensive knowledge of audio, video and general IT to support Vedika's mission of awakening health and consciousness. His knowledge of video and music production has allowed Vedika Global to expand and improve in the web and media departments.


Just as early members of small startups are called to "wear many hats', contributing to as many key areas as possible and doing whatever is needed most, Soham fits right in with Vedika Global's co-creative community atmosphere of dedicated service.  

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