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"For thousands of years, my lineage has shown humanity
a joy-filled path to truth evoking  sacred wisdom from the Vedic source texts (Vidya),  devotion to a greater  truth as higher Self or impersonal all pervading God (Bhakti), and selfless service to this great transcendent truth as our shared Self,  by alleviating the suffering of all sentient beings body, mind, soul (seva). And today, I share my lineage  and its legacy of wisdom, most humbly, with you."

Acharya Shunya

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History: Vedika Global’s Journey of Distinction

Vedika Global was incorporated as a California 501C3 religious not for profit in 2007 by Acharya Shunya along with founding directors and longtime friends and supporters of Acharya Shunya's work and lineage: Hema Patankar, a lover, preserver and supporter of Vedic wisdom and a published author, Suhasini Janet Dobrovolny, attorney at law, long time meditator, and supporter of Vedic lineages and Sanjai Mathur, life partner of Acharya Shunya and an inspired teacher of Ayurveda, food cooking and financial consultant by profession.

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Jan 2008 to Dec 2019

Vedika Global operated a School of Ayurveda based upon the traditional teaching and learning methodology called the 'Gurukulam Parampara'. This was the first school of its kind worldwide, wherein education in Ayurveda was infused with spirituality,  philosophy, values, culture, and practices from the Vedas. The founder Acharya Shunya's emphasis on spirituality and whole person transformation made this school a unique educational platform, elevating consciousness and awakening health of individual and society. This school was operated by Vedika Global Inc. from Jan 14, 2008 to Dec 31st, 2019. From January 2020 onwards, Acharya Shunya transferred all her Ayurveda courses from Vedika to sister concern, The Awakened Self Foundation (also founded by Acharya Shunya), where students from every part of the world, are still benefiting from Acharya Shunya's 'Gurukulam style' Ayurvedic teachings for the whole person.  LEARN MORE 


A community based in-person community gathering called  ‘Vedika sangha’ was organized for free by Vedika Global from 2007 to 2019. Attendees included adults and children. The Sanghas were held every month, and through the Sangha, Vedika faculty and graduates supported their extended community with useful Ayurveda information and tips for disease prevention, healthy cooking demonstrations, beauty and body care demos.


Sangha topics ranged from: How to stay healthy when seasons change, geriatric care, pregnancy care, menstrual care, infants and child care, allergies, eating as per Ayurveda, combating depression and anxiety with a spiritual tool-box of mantra, movement and prayer, Ayurveda cooking, beauty, yoga, well as an opportunity to network and befriend others who are already benefiting from Vedic wisdom.


With the growth of online opportunities that facilitate worldwide connectivity, Vedika's Sangha has now moved entirely online, with videos available on Vedika Global's official YouTube channel. In its new online format, the Sangha welcomes seekers from every continent and country of the world as a private community on Facebook known as: Vedic Contemplations by Acharya Shunya. .




In 2010, Vedika Global launched its first free public clinic that was operated by senior school graduates under faculty supervision. This "seva" based model is now being taken forward  by Vedika graduates individually through low cost or sliding scale private practices. A free clinic was also operated in association with the India Community Center In Bay Area California by Vedika Global for four years.

The Current Avatar of Vedika Global, Inc.

Having successfully seeded public service, free or low-cost initiatives in the past decade, such as affordable practitioner training via the School of Ayurveda,  enabling the wellbeing of thousands via free community based Sanghas, Satsanga’s and clinics, Vedika Global has now entered, since January of 2021, its most significant and final phase of existence, with renewed purpose and joy of service. 

Going forward, Vedika Global will be the place to connect with Acharya Shunya's deepest scripture-based teachings (not available elsewhere). Acharya Shunya will teach from sacred Vedic texts through invitation based live classes, a couple of times per year. Seekers can write to to receive an exclusive invitation for scripture study with Acharya Shunya. Class size will be deliberately kept intimate and those applicants will be given preference, who demonstrate devotion to Vedic ideals or if they have read Acharya Shunya's writings (any one of her books), or have graduated from one of her several long term, in-depth training programs through Vedika Global (in prior years) or sister organization, The Awakened Self Foundation (2020 onwards).
This site will also showcase a carefully curated library of Acharya Shunya's digitally recorded past scripture and soul-based teachings not to be found elsewhere (coming soon) that can be availed by everyone. 

Would you like to grow old in and around a sacred, healing, conscious community, all nurtured and inspired by the teachings of Acharya Shunya and her lineage from within? Would you like to visit over weekends or holidays to give your soul a vacation by surrounding yourself with soul awakening Ayurveda food, natural beauty and Vedic-Yogic transformative practices like chanting, collective sun worship, etc from Acharya Shunya's lineage? Wouldn't you love having a refuge in this otherwise unpredictable world, a spiritual home, that you can always return to?

We are beginning the visioning, fundraising and planning to manifest our brick and wood home (somewhere within USA, location TBD). Ideally, we would like to move into our new home and open it for dedicated seekers, sometime in 2024. The opportunity to study with Acharya Shunya, also while living with her in the same space for extended period of time, excites us. At the ashram, seekers can hope to connect with Acharya Shunya in her true form as the spiritual head of her ancient lineage who shows the path from darkness to light and avail her deepest teachings enabling self-healing, self-actualization and self-realization for all beings. The potential of  bringing up our existential questions to her,  to receive her answer directly into our soul, heart to heart is worth every effort we will all make towards manifesting this ashram home. And all of us at  Vedika Global are convinced that this imagined possibility can become a reality in current time and space on earth, especially if we all, the board of directors, disciples, students, appreciators and fans of Acharya Shunya, not only dream this dream, but also bring forth and pool together proactively, fiscal and other material donations of tangible wealth, deeds, etc. Yes, we can manifest a  simple but soulful spiritual home for all of us students of Acharya Shunya and invite our teacher to come live with us, as her precious body, that houses her ageless soul, ages. In the ashram, we will not only study with her, but also take care of Acharya Shunya's comfort and ease in the remaining years of her life.

Note: Perhaps you too would  like to donate, or volunteer assistance in some way to become part of the Ashram Manifestation Project (AMP, 2024), that is becoming center stage in Vedika's current stage of operation? Write to and let us know about yourself, to be invited to meet with Vedika Team (key volunteers) involved with AMP. We will let you know what support we need and you can share with us where and how you think you can help. We will be delighted to meet with you over zoom and learn about you some more.

Finally, and most importantly, philanthropy or seva to the suffering has been a way of life and core value of Vedika Global since its inception, because it is a core value of our Vedic lineage since the Vedic times. In our latest avatar, the opportunity to render seva will take on even a greater significance as per our teacher and leader Acharya Shunya. It will be centrestage in all our activities and visioning, going forward. In the past decade too, Vedika Global undertook many seva initiatives including: Helping Tsunami victims with financial aid, helping the blind who are also below poverty line in India regain their vision through free operations, helping the hungry homeless in America get food and blankets, enabling pure drinking water in USA and donating towards the cause of American abandoned animals find food and roof and live remaining life in dignity, to helping rehabilitate the child-rape victims in rural India (and many more Seva initiatives that gave us great soul satisfaction). 

In 2021, a bulk of our seva initiatives will be directed to supporting India and the world through COVID19 relief. Vedika has provided both tangible donations (funds, medicine, oxygen concentrators) but also is offering seva through organizing collective chanting of Gayatri mantra over every world for a month. Gayatri mantra, which is our lineage mantra,  helps awaken latent soul strength of humanity - to persevere, overcome, and learn spiritual lessons from the COVID suffering.

As per Acharya Shunya, Devo Manushya Rupane declare the Vedas. The All-Pervading Universal God (Supreme Power beyond name and form or culture) is not distinct from us. God is a near, personable, intimate experience of the Self, and God's divine presence in all beings as Self, inspires in our Vedika hearts a spirit of selfless service and divine desire and will  to serve ALL beings and creatures as an extension of our own Godly Self. Therefore, as Acharya Shunya says "Seva is the love of Self by Self. Seva is the worship of Self by Self.  Seva is the support of Self to Self. Seva is the hug of Self embracing all beings that share the same Self.Seva is the supreme act of self-love."

Our Great Teacher Baba Ayodhya Nath used to say:
The yogis make the miseries of the world their own, 
but spread joy to whoever approaches them. 
Just like the lamp,  disseminates it's light all around,
by itself, burning away its wick tin to abject darkness.

If you have noticed, our Seva has already begun, by the sharing of our loving thoughts and our auspicious intentions and vibration of truth. Our words of divine love inspired by the Vedas and dharma teachings of our lineage are a source of joy, soul comfort and hope to all beings. At least this is our sincere prayer. Please receive all of us from Vedika Global, with open hearts and please donate to our seva projects, large heartedly, like a true yogi.

In Service to Our Guru and Sampradaya,Team Vedika
Vedika Global, Inc.

Meet the Vedika Team

The Board of Directors


Meet the hearts and souls enabling Vedika's mission and vision.

Board of Directors
Shadow on Concrete Wall

About Us

Vedika Global, Inc is dedicated to forwarding the  lineage tradition, spiritual teachings and philosophical ideals of Vedic Master teacher and ancient lineage head, Acharya Shunya.


We are registered in the State of California as a religious not for profit with Acharya Shunya as our ecclesiastical head. Our international headquarter is located in San Francisco, Bay Area with our community members, disciples and students of Acharya Shunya, spread in every continent of the world.

Under Acharya Shunya's pioneering vision, Vedika Global promotes and supports the cultivation of spiritual wisdom from Vedic source texts (vidya), devotion to a universal Supreme Power (bhakti)  and selfless service to all sentient beings irrespective of differences (seva) to alleviate spiritual and material suffering, igniting a spiritually-empowering movement, worldwide. 

Vedika’s Founder, Acharya Shunya is an internationally recognized teacher of Vedic non-dual wisdom and renowned master of classic Veda based Yoga and Ayurveda. She hails from a distinguished Vedic lineage (sampradaya) from the holy city of Ayodhya, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Her lineage of distinguished householder seers (grihasta sadhus) has imparted sacred knowledge by the bank of River Sarayu for countless generations.

Acharya Shunya is fortunate to become the inheritor and documenter of her illustrious ancestors. Today, she feels spiritually compelled to share the teachings, inspiration,  and dedication of her lineage’s wisdom into everything she does - her live teachings, online trainings, books, philanthropy and transformative community based engagements.

Founded by Acharya Shunya in 2007, Vedika is now run and directed in entirety by its Board of Directors, consisting of senior disciples and volunteers who wish to preserve and support Acharya Shunya's (and her lineage) teachings in the 21st century and forward.



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