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Jan 2008 to Dec 2019

We Delivered Unparalleled Education in Ayurveda and allied Vedic Sciences:

We Invited Topmost Educators in Ayurveda and allied Vedic Sciences to Teach Our students:

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Vedika Global School of Ayurveda (also known as Vedika Gurukulam) was operation from January 14, 2008 to December 31st, 2019.In January 2020, all the Ayurveda courses designed and taught inside Vedika Global School of Ayurveda were transferred to and taken up  by The Awakened Self Foundation, a sister concern of Vedika Global, also founded by Acharya Shunya. 

Courses Offered from 2008 to 2019

True Education is Never Rushed
We are the first school worldwide to return to the traditional Vedic Gurukulam model of in-depth education (taking the time it takes to impart true education). Our beginning 2-month course was open to all. Thereafter, meritorious scholars were invited to accomplish higher levels of education, ranging from  one, two , three and maximum five and seven  more years of education. Our corses included:


Two Month Ayurveda Health Self Care Course
100 Hours: Students learn Ayurveda self care, lifestyle, cooking and fundamental philosophy
1012 graduates till date
One-Year Certificate Course in Science, Philosophy & Spirituality of Ayurveda
1000 Hours: Trains Vedika Global Certified Ayurveda Community Educators 
325 graduates till date

Two and Half Year Specialists Diploma in Ayurveda Prevention Medicine & Community Health
2100 Hours: Trains Vedika Global Certified Ayurveda Health Counselors
65 graduates till date


Five-Year Degree Course in Ayurveda Clinical Medicine & Public Health
5600 Hours: Trains Vedika Global Certified Ayurveda Clinical Specialists
15 graduates till date

Two Year Post-Graduate Advanced academic Study of Ayurvedic Source Texts 
5 graduates: Imparts deeper knowledge to Ayurvedic scholars till date


Why Vedika Chose the Gurukulam Method of Education?


The Founder and Acharya of Vedika, Acharya Shunya grew up in a Gurukulam environment, trained to become the inheritor and documenter of her family’s Gurukulam tradition. Vedika Gurukulam  emerged in California in the 21st century, inspired by the organizations that her ancestors founded in the ancient city of Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh, India) in the late 1800’s. I At Vedika, the Gurukula model of education was re-enlivened by Acharya Shunya to fulfill the goal of transformational education, to facilitate positive personal evolution in all dimensions: body, mind and soul. The Gurukula system of education was found to be an ideal fit for the activating self-healing and awakening health in all dimensions of the body, mind and soul. 


The Gurukulam Method Of Education And Its Benefits

The Gurukula method, utilized for diverse training in medical, spiritual and military fields for thousands of years in ancient India (and chosen method of training in Ayurveda in olden days as per the classical texts), is almost extinct now, replaced by the mass training model. However, it is the conviction of Vedika’s founder Acharya Shunya  that we have lessons to learn from the world’s oldest surviving educational system “the Gurukulam” because only this model has the necessary tools inbuilt to support a deeply transformative process of education. Hence, Vedika adopted the Ancient 'Gurukulam Method' of education, for implementation, revival and its documentation since Vedika’s inception in January 2008 right to its last day, on December 31st, 2019. Even now, Acharya Shunya continues to teach via the 'Gurukulam Method' at The Awakened Self Foundation, a sister concern of Vedika Global.

          Salient Features of Study at Vedika

The 'Gurukula Methods' employed by Acharya shunya inside Vedika  aided internalization of knowledge, and, engaged the student’s attention keeping them motivated. The teaching style and focus was scientifically rigorous but also spiritually empowering through introduction to classical spiritual texts and spiritual practices and contemplation from the Vedic tradition. 


Lineage based education: At the heart of any Gurukulam (literally translated as ‘teacher’s family’) is its oral tradition or lineage of education. Vedika is proudly anchored in its own distinct Guru lineage from Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India going back to the 1800’s.  Vedika’s Guru lineage carries  an oral tradition of definitive knowledge in Ayurveda and allied Vedic sciences of Yoga and Vedanta, and, humanitarian spiritual values of Sadhana, Satsangha and Seva that deeply benefits students personal journey of studentship. 


Experiential training blended with Academics: Gurukulam education is experiential & lived beyond being only theoretical and memorized. For example students not only learn or memorize food categories but actually touch and smell them , then cook them in class utilizing traditional recipes mentioned in Ayurveda classical texts such as Bhavaprakash by Bhavamishra.  Students also eat Ayurvedic foods round the year, which change every 2 months at Vedika,  as per the change in season (Ritu). Students not only learn about medicines but learn to make them in class, and learn how to use them. Students not only read about waking up at a certain time, but actually do wake and up and learn the morning rituals that support health. 


Personalized apprenticeship by mentors: Gurukulam education teaches through apprenticeship process: The process of becoming a true student of Ayurveda is traditionally accomplished through a close relationship with one's teachers, who guide the student more deeply through customized learning opportunities as an apprentice over a long period of time. Such learning is becoming rare in mass models of education. However now, for the first time, Western students will have the opportunity to experience this style of teaching and learning  at Vedika. This apprenticeship will involve specific lessons taught as a group, as well as customized learning for each individual student based on their individual goals. Mentors will also identify areas of growth for individual students to achieve based on their current knowledge as well as gifts. Thus, education is not impersonal and Teachers mentor the students to go forward to mentor their society with confidence and right attitude of service and compassion.



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Vedika Global School of Ayurveda

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Wish to Study Ayurveda with Acharya Shunya?

Then click on the logo to avail courses at Vedika's sister organization founded by Acharya Shunya, naturally aligned to Vedika's Lineage and the 'Gurukuma Method' revived by Acharya Shunya.

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